• A Novel Electrical Power Delivery Technology
  • Turnkey Laser Solutions for Power over Fiber
  • Standalone and Online Monitoring System
  • A Development Platform to Build Own PoF Based Product

Smart Monitoring System provides real time monitoring of high voltage, dangerous, and hard to reach locations. it utilizes PoF technology to provide power to sensors, which has a voltage isolated, noise immune, and spark free power source.

  • Switchgear and Electrical Equipment
  • Smart Monitoring System enables placement of sensors in high voltage areas of electrical equipment such as on bus bars or breaker contacts of medium voltage switchgear. Sensors can monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, and partial discharge. Meanwhile, locating sensors in previously inaccessible areas enables detection of early onset partial discharge, thus eliminating destructive arc flash events.

  • Hazardous Environments
  • Smart Monitoring System provides spark free power to sensors monitoring conditions in hazardous and dangerous locations. Applications include monitoring pressure gauges, leak detectors, and flow meters in hazardous locations.

  • Remote Sensing
  • Smart Monitoring System provides power via fiber to sensors in remote off-grid locations, where noise immunity, low visibility, and/or small size are important. Applications include powering communication receivers, sensors for oil and gas and electrical infrastructure, as well as high sensitivity sensors for defense and security applications.

  • Wind Turbine Monitoring System

  • Ralated Products

    POF-WL240 Series

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