• MIH® VMJ PV cell
  • MIH® VMJ PV cell
  • MIH® VMJ PV cell
MIH Series   /   VMJ PV cell

The MIH® VMJ PV cell is a high voltage PV cell capable of operating under 1 sun to over 500 suns concentration (or up to 50W/cm2). This wide operating range, along with its unrivaled high voltage density and customizable size, makes the MIH® VMJ PV cell uniquely capable of meeting the needs of many energy conversion applications.

VMJ PV cell Features:

  • High efficiency Si-based MIH® VMJ PV cell
  • High concentration
  • High voltage density with low current
  • High tempature durability
  • Size / Voltage / Shape customization
  • Optimal efficiency with 9xx nm lasers

  • VMJ PV cell Product Brief Download

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