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MH GoPower Company Limited (MHGP) is an innovator and manufacturer of high performance Si-based Vertical Multi-Junction PV cells that enable laser power transmission for power over fiber (PoF) and power beaming applications using 9xx nm lasers. MHGP recently released a line of photovoltaic receivers with unparalleled flexibility in size, voltage, and power that is fueling the emergence of new high reliability, high power, and low cost PoF applications.
Our energy products consist of “Beyond Solar” products and solar products. Along with its US subsidiary, GoPowerX, Inc. (GPX), MH GoPower has developed and demonstrated the above-mentioned applications and energy products, and now our strategy is to (a) aggressively market the MIH® VMJ PV cell, providing other innovators the “energy” to create revolutionary products, (b) deploy pilot projects for our solar products, and (c) complete commercialization and market launch of our innovative “Beyond Solar” products.

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