• A Novel Electrical Power Delivery Technology
  • Turnkey Laser Solutions for Power over Fiber
  • Standalone and Online Monitoring System
  • A Development Platform to Build Own PoF Based Product

Power over Fiber is a novel power delivery technology which delivers electrical power by sending laser light through lightweight, non-conductive fiber optic cable to a remote photovoltaic receiver or photovoltaic power converter (PPC) to power remote sensors or electrical devices. MHGP’s innovative PoF solution provides three major benefits: (1) noise immunity, (2) voltage isolation, and (3) spark free operation.

  • Current Measurement
  • Electronic Current Transformers (ECTs) powered via fiber replace instrument (current) transformers as a mean to measure line current in high voltage situations. PoF can provide a more accurate, more reliable, and safer operation.

  • Remote Sensors
  • PoF enables an all-fiber solution for powering, communicating with, and controlling sensor networks in a wide range of applications, e.g. test and measurement; sensing in industrial, medical devices, oil and gas, and aerospace. PoF also allows all fiber sensor packages with enhanced sense and control capabilities, which enables safer, more accurate measurements.

  • Power Electronics
  • Nowadays, power electronics, such as IGBTs and MOSFETs are based on new new materials (like SiC), which allow even faster switching and higher voltage handling resulting in much higher operational efficiency and more compact solutions. However, a limit to the use of SiC based IGBTs and MOSFETs is an increase in EMI which reduces switching reliability of gate drive circuits. PoF can successfully reduce this EMI noise. PoF can target to high voltage (HV) and high power applications, e.g. HV DC converters and solid state transformers, HV motor drives, and weight critical aerospace apps.

  • EMC Testing Market
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing requires probes with small size and immunity to EMI. PoF provides an all fiber solution with a continuous, noise immune power source, which means more precise and consistent readings.

  • RF over Fiber & 5G Market
  • RF communication systems are migrating to fiber (over COAX) as the means of distributing the received signal to its destination. PoF enables an all fiber solution to power the RF converters that take the analog RF signal and convert to an optical signal transmitted over fiber. As for 5G towers, they also require fiber for high speed data transmission, and voltage isolated power for transmitting and receiving.

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