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Company History
  • 2018
    ∗  Completed the development of Power Beaming Demo Kit.
    ∗  Completed the development of our ground breaking YCH-L200 Photovoltaic Power Converter.
    ∗  Completed the development of Photonic Isolated Power Supply.
    ∗  Completed the development of Photonic Power Isolated Gate Drive.
  • 2017
    ∗  Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
    ∗  Completed the development of Smart Monitoring System, POF-WL240.
    ∗  Completed the development of Power over Fiber Platform.
    ∗  GSI changed name to GoPowerX, Inc. (“GPX”).
  • 2016
    ∗  Completed the development of YCH-H6424 Photovoltaic Power Converter.
    ∗  Received the "Outstanding Photonics Product Award 2016" from Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association upon
        "Photovoltaic Power Converter".
    ∗  Completed the development of Laser Source Module and Photonic Power Module.
  • 2015
    ∗  Successfully developed innovative application and solution of Power over Fiber Technology.
    ∗  Completed the development of YCH-L240 Photovoltaic Power Converter.
  • 2014
    ∗  MHGP's headquarter and production facilities, totaling ~11,000m2 construction were completed in Southern Taiwan Science Park.
    ∗  MHS Changed Name to MH GoPower Company Limited ("MHGP").
    ∗  Completed the development of high efficiency Si-based Vertical Multi-Junction PV Cell.
  • 2013
    ∗  Incorp. of 100% owned TW subsidiary MHS Technology Co., Ltd. ("MHST").
  • 2011
    ∗  Incorp. of 100% owned US subsidiary GreenField Solar, Inc.("GSI").
    ∗  Acquired Intelligent Patents from GreenField Solar Corp, US.
    ∗  Moved into Southern Taiwan Science Park.
  • 2008
    ∗  Incorp. of MH Solar Co., Ltd. ("MHS").
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