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  • Laser Power Beaming Applications
  • MIH® VMJ PV cell

1.Shape Flexibility

2.High Laser Power Conversion Efficiency (~40%)
For the laser power conversion (beaming)applications toward specific spectrum, such as 915nm laser, MIH® VMJ PV cell has ~40% conversion efficiency. This advantage can facilitate the developments of the applications of Power over Fiber (PoF) and wireless charging (power beaming).

3.High Voltage Density (Low Current)

  • Conventional solar cell 15.6cm x 15.6cm generates voltage of ~0.6V.
  • MIH® VMJ PV Cell can generate voltage of ~30V in a 1cm x 1cm device when using 200um wafers, and varies by ~3V/mm of cell width.

4.Temperature Durability (up to 400° C)
  • The MIH® VMJ PV cell has been field tested in dense array, high sun environments, and proven its durability.
  • The MIH® VMJ PV cell’s performance is reduced by only 3% for every 10°C operation above its standard test conditions. This performance loss is not as dramatic as conventional silicon solar cells, which lose 5% in performance for every 10°C temperature rise.

5.Narrow & Broad Spectrum Operation
  • The MIH® VMJ PV cell is the only PV cell capable of operating in unique beam splitting concentrated light applications. The VMJ cell can achieve very high performance when a part of spectrum directed to it (up to 50%).
  • One-sun solar cells cannot operate under the concentration levels required for this application, while a triple-junction solar cell’s performance will drop dramatically when illuminated by only a part of the solar spectrum, meaning the MIH® VMJ PV cell is the only PV cell that can operate in the split-spectrum application.

6.Wide Operating Range (1-500 suns)
  • Unlike conventional one-sun silicon based solar cells, the MIH® VMJ PV cell’s performance improves when in concentrated sunlight, and was shown to have linear performance out to 2500 suns concentration. This means that the VMJ PV cell can work great for very high concentration solar energy systems as well as moderate to low concentration solar energy systems.

7.Size & Voltage Customization
  • A unique advantage of the MIH® VMJ PV cell is its packaging flexibility. For example, the MIH® VMJ PV cell can be 3mm x 3mm, 10mm x 10mm (standard), 20mm x 60mm, or 69mm x 69mm. This size flexibility provides the product designer the ability to optimize the device packaging based on the product’s optics, power requirements, or voltage requirements, rather than limitations of solar cell fabrication.
  • The MIH® VMJ PV cell’s output voltage can be customized and mass produced according to customer’s applications.

8.High packing density
  • Can achieve 90%+ packing density with 10mm x 10mm cells. to customer’s applications.
  • High voltage, low current means thinner leads.
  • Higher packing density obtainable with larger cells. Ex: ~95% packing density using 10mm x 50mm cells.

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